General House Rules

Updated October 2022


  • Video taping or photography of any performance, in part or otherwise, is prohibited. Photography is only permitted during award ceremonies. Videos and photos of all entries during performance will be available through DanceBUG for free courtesy of FEVER. Theatre security and/ or Fever officials have the right to confiscate or delete any videos and photos taken of a performance, as well as confiscate memory cards or devices containing footage of a performance at Fever. This is to protect the work of the choreographers as well as the security and safety of the dancers performing on stage.


  • All routines are to report backstage to the Fever Stage Manager, 3 numbers before they are scheduled to perform.
  • Parents are not permitted backstage during the competition.
  • All routines are also expected to perform in the order they are scheduled. 
  • Tap shoes are only to be worn only in designated rehearsal areas or backstage, not in public spaces of the venue
  • For safety reasons, the use of baby powder or other assisting agents are prohibited. (Rosin may be used, theatre permitting).
  • Any use of helium balloons, sword and knife display is strictly prohibited. Prop versions of these items are permitted. Entries are not permitted to use theatre dwelling flats, lights or fly bars. Any substance that would effect the dancing surface such as liquid, gel, aerosol, food or glitter is prohibited unless specifically approved by Fever officials Special pyrotechnics, smoke, water, fog, not permitted unless approved by Fever producers and/ or theatre technical staff. Substances used in routines which alter the condition of the stage or rehearsal room(s) without approval by Fever producers or Theatre staff can be subject to disqualification and/or a $50 fine being imposed if clean up is required and an unnecessary delay in the competition occurs. 
  • Each studio will be designated a change room (space permitting). Please be advised that studios will be held responsible for any damage to venue change rooms.
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