Booking Procedure

Booking Procedure

All bookings fall subject to a first come first serve basis. Please find our booking procedure below.

1. To book a location, we need your contact information and the number of routines you wish to enter. If you are still in the process of finalizing your numbers, please forward the entry count submitted from the previous competitive season as an estimate. Please include any dancers who might be interested in the improv category within that count. If you find you have students interested in the improv category closer to the event and did not reserve enough entries for them, we will take a look at our entries at a later to date to confirm if there is room to fit them in your desired location.

2. ‘Holds’ only become confirmed bookings when we have received a deposit cheque to secure your spot. Deposit cheques are due within 7- 10 business days from your request. If we do not receive payment (or answer to our courtesy call) we will release your Fever booking. A $40.00 service charge will be applied to all NSF cheques.

3. Should a location fill with tentative bookings, a wait list will be started. Studios holding a tentative spot will be contacted and must confirm or release their booking within 48 hours. A deposit cheque is due within 7 Business days should the studio wish to keep their booking. If a reservation is released, the next studio on the wait list will be notified and offered the spot provided the location can handle the amount of entries requested for submission.

Deposits not only solidify your attendance, they are necessary to prepare and financially aid the upcoming season. Deposit cheques are non-refundable.

Please book early or put your name on the list with a tentative booking to avoid disappointment. We always do our best to work with you in finding the right location for your studio. We thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation with this procedure. Please have a few options of dates in mind.

To book a location, please contract Jerome at or 416-573-1689. Thank you for patience and organization! We look forward to seeing you this season!

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