The Director – Jerome Bobb

As we head into the upcoming dance season of the FEVER Regional Tour, I am excited to see the all the amazing talent hit the stage. Being the director of FEVER has been an incredible experience I would never trade in. We here at FEVER are fortunate and proud to have had the opportunity to touch the lives of many young dancers who have grown up and moved on to successful careers both in and out of dance. Some of these dancers we continue to work with in many different capacities, and/or support their endeavors.

When FEVER came to life, it was important to me to produce events that focus on education and everything about dance, not just competition and scores. We strive to create a fun and healthy competitive environment, as well as informative and educational dance events for teachers, parents, and dancers alike. It is our goal to give everyone a taste of professional experiences as well as help provide the tools to move forward in dance or whatever life path our young dancers choose. After attending our event, your feedback is extremely valuable, therefore please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts. See you at FEVER!

Our Mission Statement

Fever International Dance Championships is a competitive dance experience that prides itself on supporting the integrity and growth of studio developed dance. Moreover, introducing its player’s to industry professionals placed primarily to focus on fostering talent.

Who We Are

Our company strives to provide an atmosphere where Canadian dance studios and their talented young dancers face more than just the spirited element of competition. We inspire and encourage young dancers to follow and attain their dreams and provide professional opportunities to our dancers in a nurturing environment, built on family values.

All Fever events promise a positive and fun atmosphere, friendly staff, choice judges, and innovative awards packages. A professional competition program unlike any other; Fever proudly offers both feisty competition and education in dance culture, insuring artistic growth and development.

There’s no better place to be when the temperature starts to rise!

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