Age Division and Classification

Updated October 2022

Age Division

***NEW*** Contestants are to be entered in the age category that applies to them as of December 31 2022. All contestants will compete in the following age groups: (5 yrs & under), (6 yrs), (7 yrs), (8yrs), (9 yrs), (10 yrs), (11yrs), (12 yrs), (13 yrs), (14 yrs), (15 yrs), (16yrs), (17 yrs), (18 yrs), (19 yrs), (20+ Adult)

  • The age divisions of contestants in duet/ trio and group categories will be determined by average age. Add all ages of the performers and divide by the number of performers in the group.
  • The birth dates and ages of all performers are required for the entries.

Competitive and Pre- Competitive Divisions Overall Age Groupings

Mini Division- 9 & under

Junior Division- 10- 12

Intermediate Division- 13- 14

Senior Division- 15 & over

Adult Division- Any dancer 20 years of age or older

Professional/Teacher Division- Any dancer 20 years of age or older, who has been contracted to perform in a professional production, and/or, is a teacher either freelance or as part of a studio faculty.

Novice Division Overall Age Groupings

Junior Division- 10 & Under

Intermediate Division- 11- 14


Competitive Division
  • Any competitor taking 6 or more hours of training in any combination of dance.
Pre-Competitive Division
  • Any competitor taking 5 hours or less of training including rehearsal in any combination of dance.
  • Any dancer that has a competitive solo is not eligible to participate in the Pre-Competitive.
Novice Division
  • Any dancer who has not competed in a solo category, or any group who has not entered a competition prior to this dance season.
  • Any novice competitor entered in a Duet/Trio category must be 100% novice, (ie) all members of Duet/Trio have not competed in a solo category prior to this dance season.
  • Any group entered in the novice category, must have a minimum of 75% novice dancers.
  • The maximum age for novice entries is now 14.
Professional/ Teacher Division
  • Any routine competing in any specific category, containing 1 or more professional/ teacher dancers where 50% of your income is earned as a professional dancer or teacher. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.
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